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The Voices Of Books Radio Show. Your host Mr.EARL JOHNSON,Jr.(The Healing Voice) (The Motivational evangelist) This show is all about authors and their books.Giving authors a outlet to get their books known to a local and world wide audience. Also giving authors a platform to talk all about themselves and their book or books.

Be the voice of your books. Here on THE VOICES OF BOOKS RADIO SHOW. Go to: (THE VOICES OF BOOKS RADIO SHOW) Are you a author who needs to get your books known to the world? Let us get you and your books out to the world. We interview you, you talk all about you and your book or books. And we talk about your book or books on the show.

And we add your book or books to the book club.The show will be on blogtalk radio and itunes. We will facebook, twitter, wordpress, tumblr,and mass email your show. And link the show to your website or websites.

Email us at: You can also advertises with us. Listen to the show and be a part of the show. Here on THE VOICES OF BOOKS RADIO SHOW. Now Lets Start Reading. BLESSINGS

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