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Earl Johnson JR

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Voicing classes*

Speaking Session Classes


Speaking Session

In 2021

Hello, my name is Earl Johnson, Jr. I am a professional speaker, trainer, and teacher.I have been on program with other great speakers like Mr. Les Brown. And speaking to companies, colleges and university, varies organizations which include churches and professional sports organizations. I have been training people on the art of speaking for over 17 years. Everyone can talk, but not everyone knows how to speak.

Speaking training session with me consist of learning about your instrument your voice. How your voice sounds. Learning to use different scales of tones with your voice. And learning all about you verbal delivery. You will learn relaxation techniques. That will keep you relax and in full confidence. And in full command of your audience. Learning how to have that kind of personally, that wins your audience over. Also learning about body language.

You will learn all about crafting a speech. And all about the different parts of a speech. How to choose topics and how to commercialize a speech. You will learn a great skill set that will set you up for your speaking success. You will learn also how to use your creativity for your speaking success. Having fun and it shows. Let me train you to become the best speaker that you can be In 2021.




           Be Come The Next Generation Of Great

                    Talkers Get That Edge

              [ Online and One On One And Groups Classes { ZOOM

                                      / GOOGLE HANGOUT ]

                                                 THANK YOU

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