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What is success? The gaining of or having the desired result. To prosper means to succeed. When you are prospering,you are expanding,growing spiritually, mentally, financially, and intellectually. First you must know that all of us are highly successful. That is our state of being.

Your success depends on your state of awareness, of how successful you are. What you have in your life right now, is what you have successfully manifest. What you have manifest,do you see it as good, or bad or right or wrong ? One of your greatest tools of positive successful manifestation, is the feeling of positive success in the present moment.

Start focusing on the higher qualities of success, all of your good. Your unlimited abundance,the feel of self-love,self- esteem,and self-worth. Say to yourself I am a success, I manifest only my good, I congratulate myself often,and I always give thanks.

Your body is your tool for manifestation, for it creates the vibrations that bring your thoughts and emotions into form. As you bring the feeling of success into your body, more and more this feeling will bring more success to you, in every area of your life. You can not afford a negative thought, stay in the positive frame of mind. Let it glow.

Awaken Blessings

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