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Soul Meditation

Do you know, there is more to you then what you see? Do you know, there is an inner essence that is the core of you? Do you know, by working with this inner essence, life-force creative power in you, you can create the life you want to live? 

MEDITATION, SOUL MEDITATION, is the tool that allows you to use your inner power to create constructive change through meditation. Soul Meditation teaches you how to be still and allow your inner essence to work for you.

In Soul Meditation the classroom, you learn simple practical dynamic techniques and tools, that will show you how to have a full and prosperous life, that you, and the inner essence of you create. You will also learn how to attract what you want with ease. Soul Meditation,the art of meditation, master teacher Mr.Earl Johnson,Jr. Let us help you to create the life you want.

Allow your inner wisdom and inner essence to work for you We will be teaching classes Starting in January 2021.

Six weeks of classes. You can take classes on Google Hangout . One on Ones or group Classes. You can take the classes anywhere in the world. Let us improve your quantity of life.

Go to itunes and download our meditational Soul music, or go to our products page. Learn to be still and know and seek inner wisdom, just do nothing and allow your inner essence to create for you. The cd ONENESS MEDITATIONS, you can get on itunes, look up Earl Johnson, Jr.

When You Do Not Go Within You Go Without. Learn to go within. Do the changes you need to do for you here in 2021 so you can have the life you were meant to have.

     We Have Classes On ZOOM And Google


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