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RADIO SOUL (THE PERFECT TREAT, SOUL MUSIC FOR THE SOUL) RADIO SOUL is your online meditational soul music new ages music radio show. Your host MR. EARL JOHNSON, JR.(The Healing Voice) (Motivitional Evangelist)

This show is featuring a great CD from MR. Earl Johnson Jr. SOULFUL MEDITATIONS a great CD of great Meditational Soul music. You can get this great CD and all of Earl Johnson Jr. music on ITUNES. You can be a guest on this show. If you would like to advertises with us to a world wide audiences, you can do so.

Donate To Us , If This is a Blessing To YOU.

Now its time to enjoy the show. Click on the link below. This is Mr.EARL JOHNSON,JR. (The Healing Voice) (MOTIVATIONAL EVANGELIST) saying BLESSINGS.

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