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We carry a wide range of products. Our most popular products are CDs . Please email us at for more information on products, and current promotions. All are life changing CDs, to help you to live in your greatness. Our songs are on ITUNES also. Earl Johnson,Jr. music is a new genre of music that is call MEDITATIONAL SOUL. They are all $.99 cents and up. We also have, New meditational Soul music on Itunes they are, DREAM MEDITATIONS, (I)AM MEDITATIONS, SOULFUL MEDITATIONS and SOUL MEDITATIONS four new cds. They are in many online music stores.

..We will have other speeches and music here, and on itunes soon. Go to ITUNES and look up Earl Johnson,Jr. We have T-SHIRTS, MOTIVATIONAL CAFE, SOUL MEDITATION and RADIO SOUL. We have MOTIVATIONAL JAZZ music, take a listen and get this great music at reverbnation. Go to for all of my fun music, and my new song call POSITIVISM, YOUR LOVE, YOU CAN, OH, I GOT and BLESSED NOW that you can get in my reverbnation store. The Oneness Meditations cd is on Mystic Soundscapes and Got Radio, online radio stations. Ambien radio stations, And AOL Radio.Got radio, new age nuance ,top ten voted song, # 2 most voted song of the week. Thankful Dream from the album, Dream Meditations by Earl Johnson,Jr. Thank You.BLESSINGS." target="itunes_store">Earl Johnson, Jr.

Earl Johnson,Jr.

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Oneness Meditations

Meditational Music cd 12songs


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