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DREAM MEDITATIONS (cd) itunes earljohnsonjr

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AM MEDITATIONS (cd) on itunes (earljohnsonjr)

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Earl Johnson,Jr. music is a new genre, that is call MEDITATIONAL SOUL. We have five new Meditational Soul albums. The brand new CD, SOULFULL MEDITATIONS, is on Itunes now. The others are ( I) AM MEDITATIONS , SOUL MEDITATIONS, ONENESSMEDITATIONS and DREAMMEDITATIONS. All songs on these five cds are great meditational soul music. Sit back and relax and allow you, and your soul to be at one with this great music. You can get all of Earl Johnson,Jr. music on Itunes, Amazon on demand and, Rhapsody, Shockhound, Limewire store, Lala, Reverbnation, and Amie Street.

The I am all that is good, and the abundance of total prosperity, let the music from AM MEDITATIONS take you there. Dreams of total joy and inner peace, and oneness with spirit. This is the music of Dream MEDITATIONS. Here are two songs, one from each cd. Our next cd is SOULFUL MEDITATIONS get it now. Deep soulful music for soulful meditations, you will love these cds. You will find your inner sense of wisdom, wealth, and prosperity with this music.

You will love this cd of ONENESS MEDITATIONS, be at one with the greatness of you with this cd. Start living in your greatness by getting this great music. Got radio a online radio station, new age nuance, top ten voted song, # 2 voted song of the week, Thankful Dream from the album Dream Meditations by Earl Johnson,Jr. Get your meditation on with this great music. Thank You. BLESSINGS." Earl Johnson,Jr."

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