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Gratitude, being so thankful. The last greatest key to life, after Inspiration, motivation, and meditation, is being in a thankful heart. A thankful heart can keep you manifesting your good. We would like to thank all of you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. We have a great saying that will keep you in total gratitude.



I give thanks, for infinite intelligence,life force energy that is in me. That all power within is given to me. I give THANKS ,that by myself I can do nothing, but all things are possible through thee. I give thanks,to know infinite intelligence supply all of my needs ,no matter what the situation seems to be. I will only trust in thee. I give thanks, to know that I am healthy and prosperous even greater than I can see. And that we are all one in thee. I GIVE THANKS. AN SO IT IS.

Use this saying everyday,this will keep you in your power,and will keep you in your greatness, and keep you manifesting your good .And if this is a blessing to you , donate to us. Help us to help you, and the world to their greatness. Thank you so much.




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